Who We Serve

Through trusted brands, Next Generation Insurance Group serves the next generation of insurance consumers. How the next generation of insurance consumers purchase insurance will reshape the entire industry. NGI offers this next generation the value of a multi-carrier agency with the convenience of a direct approach. At the same time, we also serve insurance companies who seek to meet the growing demands of emerging markets and strategic partners who wish to provide unique products and services to their constituency.

Our next generation marketing approach most often helps consumers to easily obtain affordable, reliable insurance coverage for particular life stages and milestone events. We frequently serve the consumers through deep partnerships with affinity groups, schools including colleges and universities, brokers and financial institutions. Our portfolio of relevant, "right-fit" insurance products provide more relevant coverage to best meet consumer needs during specific life stages and events.

  • Affinity Groups: Insurance programs that benefit members and customers and generate royalty income.
  • Brokers/Agents: Specialty products and turn-key solutions.
  • Consumers: Relevant "right-fit" products during specific life stages and life events.
  • Financial Institutions: Unique product enhancements to provide competitive advantages and product diversification.
  • Schools: Products to protect students, families and their investment in college.