Tuition Payment Plans

Next Generation Insurance Group works with tuition management companies to integrate relevant insurance solutions that help to mitigate the financial risks associated with an investment in education. The goal of our insurance solutions is to help families and schools reduce the financial uncertainty that may result from an unexpected medical withdrawal of a student while also addressing the unexpected disruptions to a familiies ability to make their payments that may be a result of accidential death, disability or involuntary unemployment.

Tuition Payment Protection
We are leaders in providing tuition protection products to consumers and provide both tuition payment protection insurance and tuition refund insurance programs Custom coverage may include: life, disability and involuntary unemployment.

Accident & Disability
We create custom insurance programs that provide accidential death and disability coverage that provides for the financial loss upon death or disability of a tuition payor.

Life Insurance
We create blancket and voluntary term-life insurance programs to help mitigate the potential financial loss in the case of the death of a tuition payment plan participant.