Student Protection Plan

Student Protection Plan

The Student Protection Plan™ is the nation's first comprehensive insurance and benefits solution specifically designed for college students.

Utilizing its patent pending, "Education Life-Stage Insurance" approach, NGI built the Student Protection Plan™ to meet the unique needs of students. The plan provides relevant insurance and lifestyle benefits to help students and families mitigate risk and financial loss. The plan includes the following features:


  • Tuition Refund Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance
  • Identity Theft Protection & Resolution Services
  • Computer Repair Coverage/Extended Warranty for Electronics, etc.



Students have unique risks to their life-style and life-stage. In additional to the financial risk facing their educational expenses, they are vulnerable to identity theft, travel emergencies and growing exposures related to their personal items including computers and electronics.


NGI Solution

NGI created the Student Protection Plan™ as a bundle of benefits that could be affordably included as an embedded feature of its GradGuard's Tuition Refund Insurance plan. The combination represents a "right-fit" approach to designing a bundled suite of highly relevant insurance and lifestlyle benefits for students and their families.


Flexible Enrollment Options

Schools and third-party product providers may provide these benefits directly to their students or customers through a voluntary relationship or as integrated enhancement to their existing service.

Students and their families may also purchase the Student Protection Plan™ here.