Renters Insurance

College Renters Insurance

Next Generation Insurance Group has developed the first renters insurance product to protect students against losses for both their personal property and the unintended damage or injury caused to others. Personal liability protection is unique to our service and provides broader protection for students. A 2009 Student Monitor study confirmed the market need and reported that 47% of students reported that either they had or a friend they knew been a victim of the loss of personal property.


Approximately 4 million students live on-campus creating personal property and liability risk for both residents and university housing. In addition, a family's homeowners' insurance policy may have policy limitations or high-deductibles that make renters insurance an affordable alternative.

NGI Solutions

First collegiate product to provide personal liability protection as well as replacement cost coverage for personal property.
The policy includes low deductibles and multiple coverage options.

Flexible Enrollment Options

Coverage may be mandated by university housing offices or embedded with the annual cost of housing. Universities may also require proof of insurance prior to attendance.
Voluntary programs may also be integrated with electronic bills or during the on-boarding of residents.

Voluntary enrollment may occur at or