Higher Education

The leadership of Next Generation Insurance Group has worked with higher educaton institutions for over a decade providing services to over 1,000 colleges and universities. As a result, we understand that each school is different and have designed flexible voluntary and involuntary insurance programs to meet the unique needs of your students.

Aligned with Your Mission & Resources:

Schools and educators share our concern regarding the risks that interfere with the successful attainment of an education. Financial reasons are a primary reason why students do not complete their education, so schools have a vested interest in protecting students and their families against a potential financial loss. NGI has built tuition protection products designed to both make families whole should a student withdraw and keep students in school should a family's ability to make payments be at risk. We not only provide integrated solutions but also built these products to provide turn-key solutions to limit the administrative time often required for implementation. As a result, schools can now offer tuition insurance, renters insurance or student health plans without the traditional burden on campus administration.

Marketing Commitments:

We work with schools in a manner that seeks to educate your students and families about how to utilize insurance to mitigate the risks facing them. NGI works closely with schools to provide a customized communications plan for reaching your students and their families. We can provide passive links from within a billing process to more active approaches including direct mail or the integration within electronic or printed billing statements.

Customer Service and Claims Process:

NGI will provide regular, non-personalized information regarding campus participation and usage of our insurance programs. As a result, we can both see the success our education programs have in reducing the risks facing your students and families. If this approach is a fit with your educational philosophy, then we invite you to contact us to discuss your goals and the specific needs of your campus community.